My Job is to Make You Look Good!

Web Design:

I provide web design and development for all types of businesses and personalities. Each client is different, so I make sure that each site has the client’s ideas incorporated, and it’s own personal touch.



I design custom wordpress themes for your business, site and/or blog. You can easily generate dynamic content on the fly. I use various wordpress plug-ins to enhance the functionality of your site. View my work to see more examples of my wordpress designs.


Web Hosting:

Basic hosting, I charge $10 a month. Prices for larger companies / sites vary depending on bandwidth and space needed. All hosting packages come with unlimited email accounts. Be sure to contact me for more information.


Site Maintenance & ReDesign:

I also provide my existing clients and any new clients the option to have me update their live and running site(s) even though it wasn’t designed by me. I charge my hourly rate at $50 an hour for this service. I also do redesigns of existing websites at a fraction of the price of a brand new one, of course.

Graphic Design:

Design prices vary with each project , but for the most part, print projects are $100 for the design without printing. I also provide printing like business cards, flyers, and postcards. Please inquire about specific prices for that. The projects for the $100 price are usually business cards, flyers and brochure design.


Web Consultation:

I’ve been working in the web design industry for more than a decade and have acquired an amazing amount of knowledge on what you need on your website and where.  Feel free to contact me about consultation services and what we could do together to make sure your website is designed, laid out, and developed in the most beneficial way for you. Contact me for more information!